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  • SolidWorks 2010: Sketch Pictures in Drawings

    SolidWorks 2010:  Sketch Pictures in Drawings

    With my schedule relaxing a bit, I’m finally back in the groove and am excited to bring some new posts to the site.  This one is kind of a “reminder post” of a new feature in SolidWorks 2010 that is easy to overlook. You can now show Sketch Pictures inserted in models on the Drawing!  […]

  • SolidWorks 2010: Awesome Tables!

    SolidWorks 2010:  Awesome Tables!

    Sometimes when testing newer versions of Software you discover some “unreported” enhancements that really can be a time saver.  That type of enhancement is the source of this post, but first we’ll take an overall look at the enhancements to Tables in SolidWorks 2010. As reported in my SolidWorks 2010 Enhancements Highlight article, all Tables […]

  • We Are SolidWorks!

    We Are SolidWorks!

    While browsing through my Twitter feed today I came across this link from Mike Puckett at SolidWorks.  Could this be the future interface for CAD?  While I’m sure the main purpose of the video presently is to show the forward thinking motion of the company, I can’t help but wonder if just maybe the folks […]

  • SolidWorks 2010: Hole Wizard!

    SolidWorks 2010: Hole Wizard!

    It’s been a while since I have had a chance to post.  I have been working some crazy hours on various projects.  Hopefully some of them I can share with you one day.  Its time to get back on track with introducing some of the new features of SolidWorks 2010. Today we take a quick […]

  • SolidWorks 2010: Multibody Materials

    SolidWorks 2010: Multibody Materials

    Way back in late 2002, SolidWorks users received what I call a “game changing” enhancement in SolidWorks 2003.  This was the version of SolidWorks that first introduced the ability to model multiple solid bodies in a SolidWorks part file.  Looking back now, it is sometimes hard to imagine SolidWorks without it.  The way SolidWorks handles […]

  • SolidWorks 2010: Drawing Dimension Enhancements

    SolidWorks 2010: Drawing Dimension Enhancements

    As I said in my first post on SolidWorks 2010, Drawings received A LOT of enhancements!  Today we are going to take a look at a few of them that relate to dimensioning. Rapid Dimension is a new option that allows for quick placement of dimensions in Drawings.  As soon as you select a edge […]

  • What’s New in SolidWorks 2010 Guide Posted

    What’s New in SolidWorks 2010 Guide Posted

    The What’s New Guide (PDF) has been posted to my What’s New Guides page. If you missed the post a few months back this is the page I created that hosts EVERY What’s New guide that SolidWorks has ever produced!  You can even check out some User Guides from the first releases of SolidWorks (Before […]

  • SolidWorks 2010 Enhancement Highlights

    SolidWorks 2010 Enhancement Highlights

    Well folks, it’s now officially August 24, 2009 and the NDA on SolidWorks 2010 has been lifted!  With this post, I’m going to just quickly highlight what I consider to be the most notable enhancements of SolidWorks 2010.  This post will be followed up with more detailed posts that will include information on the enhancements […]

  • Gearing up for SolidWorks 2010

    Gearing up for SolidWorks 2010

    This week I was fortunate enough to take a trip up to SolidWorks headquarters with several other Bloggers to see first hand the new features of SolidWorks 2010. Since I am a Beta tester, this wasn’t the first time I had seen it, but this trip gave us a chance to get an in-depth overview […]

  • Up Next: SolidWorks 2010 Beta

    Up Next: SolidWorks 2010 Beta

    The time is almost upon us for SolidWorks 2010 Beta testing.  A few months back I received some information regarding target dates for some of the Beta releases and it turns out that they were pretty close.  I am hearing that SolidWorks 2010 Beta 1 is about a week away from posting to the Beta […]

  • SolidWorks 2010 Beta Details

    SolidWorks 2010 Beta Details

    Spring is just around the corner (or already here for some) and usually that means it’s Beta Testing Time for many SolidWorks users.  A few days ago I contacted SolidWorks to see if I could get some details on the SolidWorks 2010 Beta Contest and they were gracious enough to provide some information that I […]

  • SolidWorks 2010 – The Quick List

    SolidWorks 2010 – The Quick List

    Ok…I still need to type up my COMPLETE post of Wednesday’s General Session.  LOTS of cool things were shown…but for the folks wondering about SolidWorks 2010, here is a quick list of what was shown: New Display Box for View Mates with Separater Bar.  Lots of new functionality with this new display box! Mirror Components […]