What’s New in SolidWorks 2010 Guide Posted

August 25, 2009 14 Comments »
What’s New in SolidWorks 2010 Guide Posted


The What’s New Guide (PDF) has been posted to my What’s New Guides page. If you missed the post a few months back this is the page I created that hosts EVERY What’s New guide that SolidWorks has ever produced!  You can even check out some User Guides from the first releases of SolidWorks (Before What’s New Guides existed).

Stay tuned…MUCH more on SolidWorks 2010 is on the way!

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  • Steve_Calvert

    Thanks, Ricky. I started reading yesterday.

  • oh thanks. this the first time i heard about that.

  • thanks for the updates, the photo is really interesting, it seems to be a promising gadget, I will definitely grab one for sure.

  • k2seo

    Thanks for reminding.

  • telehandler

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  • scissor

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  • maneeshbhati

    Thanks for a good stuff. I definitely go through it.

  • nice post my friend!

  • I'm excited by the launch of SoildWorks 2010 even though I'm relatively new to the software I'm a huge fan and I'm sure 2010 will blow my socks clean off

  • zenostore

    very informative artical

  • I like the idea of making a section for your new guides because when ever I will search for your post I will just have to go to this section. Great job.

  • thanks, I will download this guide soon

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