SolidWorks 2010: Multibody Materials


Way back in late 2002, SolidWorks users received what I call a “game changing” enhancement in SolidWorks 2003.  This was the version of SolidWorks that first introduced the ability to model multiple solid bodies in a SolidWorks part file.  Looking back now, it is sometimes hard to imagine SolidWorks without it.  The way SolidWorks handles multiple solid bodies today is still in my opinon the BEST solution offered in any MCAD package on the market.  SolidWorks 2010 introduces a key enhancement to multi-body parts by allowing users to assign SolidWorks Materials to each body independently.


The interface is pretty straight forward.  To assign a material to a solid body, you right mouse button select the desired body inside the Solid Bodies folder in the FeatureManager Design Tree.  The process is identical to assigning a Material to an entire part.  Material assignments to a solid body override the Material assigned to the entire part.  Below is a short video that shows how to assign Materials to a Multi-Body file.


Stay tuned….more SolidWorks 2010 enhancements to come!