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  • E-Drawings Viewer for iPad

    E-Drawings Viewer for iPad

    E-Drawings Viewer for iPad is now available from the App Store. I’ll have to admit that the first words out of my mouth when I saw this, were FINALLY! You can view SolidWorks Parts, Assemblies, & Drawings along with e-Drawing files, DXF/DWG, and Draftsight files. The software has a couple of sample files that you […]

  • DraftSight Officially Released

    DraftSight Officially Released

    Dassault Systemes today took the “Beta” wraps off DraftSight and have announced it’s full release. With this full release you also get a few enhancements.  Those enhancement include: Trapezoid command API Support (Only included with the paid Premium Pack) Localization of help files Command Variables – Enhanced to allow users to set and change system […]

  • SolidWorks 2012 Sneak Peek

    SolidWorks 2012 Sneak Peek

    One of the favorite parts for many attendees at SolidWorks World each year is the Sneak Peek preview of the upcoming SolidWorks release.  This year at SolidWorks World 2011, we all got a Sneak Peek of SolidWorks 2012.  Like many years in the past, the new features were revealed in the form of a “skit”.  […]

  • Forecasting the Clouds for SolidWorks V6

    Forecasting the Clouds for SolidWorks V6

    Ok…with all the Cloud jokes rolling around I couldn’t help but have a little fun with the headline.  SolidWorks V6 or “The Cloud version” as dubbed by many has been somewhat quietly talked about off and on for about the last six months which followed up a firestorm of discussion just after SolidWorks World 2010.  […]

  • DraftSight for MAC now available

    DraftSight for MAC now available

    In case the news hasn’t made it to your Inbox, DraftSight for MAC is now available for download at Since I don’t own a MAC…I’ll just have to listen to the feedback from folks that do. 🙂 The LINUX version is still on schedule to be available towards the end of the year. Now […]

  • DraftSight for LINUX Screenshot

    DraftSight for LINUX Screenshot

    Wondering what DraftSight will look like when the Linux version is released?  Well…wonder no more.  Here’s a screenshot!  Looks just as clean as the MAC & Windows versions.  I did not hear exactly when we might see this available for download, but it will follow the MAC version which is due out in a couple […]

  • SolidWorks 2011: What’s New Highlights

    SolidWorks 2011:  What’s New Highlights

    DS SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled SolidWorks 2011, the latest release of the most popular 3D CAD software on the market. There are many new features to talk about, but today I’m going to hit the highlights of what is coming. Theme Every release has a theme and this one is no different. Along with improving […]

  • First Look: Let’s Go Design Ultimate CAD Chair

    First Look:  Let’s Go Design Ultimate CAD Chair

    Part of our activities at SolidWorks today included a tour of Jeremy Luchini’s Let’s Go Design studios.  We got to see the set where all the episodes are filmed.  Jeremy has some pretty awesome “props” in there which are products that were all designed in SolidWorks.  After checking out the studio, Jeremy took us out […]

  • Coming Soon: FREE DraftSight for MAC

    Coming Soon: FREE DraftSight for MAC

    At the SolidWorks Blogger Press Event today in Concord, MA, we were shown a screenshot of the upcoming DraftSight version for MAC.  DraftSight for MAC will be available as a FREE download here in a couple of weeks over on the DraftSight page.  I should have a high resolution image for this tomorrow sometime, but […]

  • SolidWorks to Provide Software for Boy Scouts

    SolidWorks to Provide Software for Boy Scouts

    The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has brought the Inventing Merit Badge out of a long retirement and SolidWorks has agreed to provide a FREE copy of the SolidWorks Student Design Kit to any scout pursuing the Badge. The “new” Badge is a result of a partnership between the BSA and the Lemelson-MIT program.  Scouts […]

  • DraftSight – FREE 2D For ALL

    DraftSight – FREE 2D For ALL

    Dassault Systemes today announced the introduction of DraftSight, a 2D CAD tool that is available for download for FREE at  Last week I was contacted by a PR agency and was asked if I would like to see the product first hand and review some of the details of the program.  I jumped at […]

  • Al Predicts the Future of SolidWorks

    Al Predicts the Future of SolidWorks

    If you are active in the CAD world and haven’t heard of Al Dean and Develop3D, then you are seriously missing out. Al does a great job of looking at the MCAD Industry as a whole and his latest article lays out what I think is a spot on prediction of the future of SolidWorks.  […]

  • SolidWorks in the Cloud

    SolidWorks in the Cloud

    This is just the first post of many to come on this. I’m going to try and hit the highlights and then we will get into some of the details later. Today at the first General Session of SolidWorks World 2010, SolidWorks previewed some new technology that they have been working on now for the […]

  • Dell M6400 with Windows 7!

    Dell M6400 with Windows 7!

    Well…after Vista x64 started giving me a few “blue screens” and the fact that I had a slow week at work, I figured this was an opportune time to update my M6400 to Windows 7 x64.  Last June I did a review of the M6400 hardware itself.   Since that seemed to be a popular […]