DraftSight for LINUX Screenshot

September 2, 2010 44 Comments »
DraftSight for LINUX Screenshot

Wondering what DraftSight will look like when the Linux version is released?  Well…wonder no more.  Here’s a screenshot!  Looks just as clean as the MAC & Windows versions.  I did not hear exactly when we might see this available for download, but it will follow the MAC version which is due out in a couple of weeks.  Pretty cool to see things going platform independent.

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  • Manuti

    Yeah, I run under Wine but a native version for Linux is awesome.

  • http://courira.ca/en/blog/normand Normand C.

    Hi Ricky,

    Do you know if your screen capture is free to use? I haven’t found its source, and I wish to use it in a creative commons licenced wiki. I’m guessing it’s not yours by the login name at top right. :-P


  • kt133a


  • Andrés

    This software will be a blow to QCad.

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    very cool design

  • John

    Jesus, that looks fantabulous! This kind of technology really does blow my mind! Any news on when it will be released yet?

  • http://www.mad4flash.com Levi

    This is great! Especially for Linux users out there like myself, can’t wait until the download is available.

  • http://www.detskiy-smeh.ru/ Savays

    Awesome!!! Shake your hand!!!

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    looks hard to understand

  • Fermetica

    Gracias! Esperando por Draftsight y adios a Winchot!

  • Sf

    This is fantastic!! I am waiting for linux version

  • Sf

    This is fantastic!! I am waiting for linux version

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    Whoa, thank you for posting about it. topic appears interesting. Will make a note of the web site and pop back again. Appears like an awesome resource. Best wishes.

  • poker online

    Amazing, In what site did you found it? Is it free to download?. I hope it’s free, as you have written the screen shots looks so clean and absolutely clear. I like it.

  • Neocrivi

    Que buen trabajo ;-) !!! Esperando la versión de Linux…

  • http://moderninteriordesigning.com/blog Shoaib

    Oh! the picture is like a blackhole.

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    Very creative, one of the nicer sites I have seen today. Keep up the great work

  • Koeshariatmo

    still waiting the linux version, specially for ubuntu !!

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    This kind of technology really does blow my mind! Any news on when it will be released yet?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Serg-Borovkov/100001299062573 Serg Borovkov

    what about linux version?

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    Impressive design.

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  • Xupypr

    I WANT IT!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Antonio-Querino/100001819076322 Antonio Querino

    well, he is going round very well here in the Linux KDuXP.


  • Ajay S

    Any updates on the linux port?

  • Carlos

    Seria maravilloso: bajo Linux y tan rapido como el autocad?

  • Rani Jadhav

    thanks nice article

  • Fz420

    how long??????

  • local packers and movers

    How do I display the window number and other things in the status line?

  • http://www.rickyjordan.com Ricky Jordan

    I’ll see what I can find out….


  • simon

    Hmmnnn just wondering if you have heard anything more on this, no news on their community site :( itching…..

  • Ericmarceau

    Hello, i have ubuntu 10.10.
    DraftSight works doesn’t work with wine. installation ok but , it does’nt lauch !

    How can i do ?

    thank you for your help

    Eric (France)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1707800693 Eko Suhartono

    wow… very cool man

    Tapi dimana link untuk mendownload versi debiannya? (*.deb) or else

    Mohon link untuk donwload/instalasi draftsight di ubuntu ya ^_^

  • http://goztansiyon.blogspot.com/2011/03/bulank-gorme.html göz tansiyonu tedavisi

    this software is very cool and i love linux (: thanks

  • Bojan

    I’d just like to say that I’ve sucessfully instaled the Ubuntu package on Mint 9 and opened a fairly complex drawing made in AutoCAD 2011. The redrawing is really slow (no acceleration is used, I think it uses a proprietary extension since cairo based apps redraw much faster on my computer) but all in all it’s very useful.

  • Guesr
  • Guesr
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Leszek

    I was so happy to finally see a decent CAD program running on Ubuntu Linux. Then I found out: IT WILL NOT RUN ON 64-BIT SYSTEM. Well, it’s back to VBox and virtual Windows Machine running AutoCAD… Too bad.

  • Tel63585905


  • Leszekk

     Actually, after extensive research, I found the way to install it on 64-bit Ubuntu. It runs, and I could ALMOST use it… However, the current version has a Layer Manager out of whack, so it is useless to me. Well, VBox is still working…

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