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  • DraftSight for MAC now available

    DraftSight for MAC now available

    In case the news hasn’t made it to your Inbox, DraftSight for MAC is now available for download at DraftSight.com. Since I don’t own a MAC…I’ll just have to listen to the feedback from folks that do. 🙂 The LINUX version is still on schedule to be available towards the end of the year. Now […]

  • DraftSight for LINUX Screenshot

    DraftSight for LINUX Screenshot

    Wondering what DraftSight will look like when the Linux version is released?  Well…wonder no more.  Here’s a screenshot!  Looks just as clean as the MAC & Windows versions.  I did not hear exactly when we might see this available for download, but it will follow the MAC version which is due out in a couple […]

  • Coming Soon: FREE DraftSight for MAC

    Coming Soon: FREE DraftSight for MAC

    At the SolidWorks Blogger Press Event today in Concord, MA, we were shown a screenshot of the upcoming DraftSight version for MAC.  DraftSight for MAC will be available as a FREE download here in a couple of weeks over on the DraftSight page.  I should have a high resolution image for this tomorrow sometime, but […]

  • DraftSight – FREE 2D For ALL

    DraftSight – FREE 2D For ALL

    Dassault Systemes today announced the introduction of DraftSight, a 2D CAD tool that is available for download for FREE at DraftSight.com.  Last week I was contacted by a PR agency and was asked if I would like to see the product first hand and review some of the details of the program.  I jumped at […]