DraftSight Officially Released

February 23, 2011 6 Comments »
DraftSight Officially Released

Dassault Systemes today took the “Beta” wraps off DraftSight and have announced it’s full release.

With this full release you also get a few enhancements.  Those enhancement include:

  • Trapezoid command
  • API Support (Only included with the paid Premium Pack)
  • Localization of help files
  • Command Variables – Enhanced to allow users to set and change system variables from the command line

DraftSight is available for FREE at www.draftsight.com

It is available for both Windows & OSX.  A Linux version is said to be in the works and will be released soon.  (I’ll see if I can get a date.)

Graebert GmbH (the company behind the technology DraftSight is based on) announced an upcoming DraftSight App Store at SolidWorks World last month.  The SolidWorks World press release mentioned that 300,000+ users have downloaded DraftSight.  It looks like that number has now grown to 400,000+ according to today’s press release.

It appears that the community is responding quickly to this product.  Of course, who could blame them when it offers so much functionality for FREE.

On a personal note – I haven’t used DraftSight that much, but when I have it has performed well.  There have been a few comments on previous posts mentioning some issues with Printing.  I did some testing with the general release tonight and was able to print the test files I have.  If you are still having printing issues, make sure you report it to the SWYM support site.

Stay tuned…more to come!

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  • A lot of the printing related issues that were received in the Beta 1 and Beta 2 phases have indeed been improved in the final release.

  • Alvin

    I come here because I like technology news and really enjoy your blog.

  • Glad to hear it has improved!


  • I tried to run DraftSight for the first time in months…got an error message telling that I needed to upgrade. :)

  • E22joe

    Confirmation here from a guy who was frustrated at the 8 month wait for a printing solution. The new “full” version works OK in most regards… certainly well enough for a FREE program. Sure, there’s a few rough edges (jerky cursor, commands don’t always play in the sequence). But quite wonderful if you hae a powerful machine with a good video card. I’m no longer complaining (after 8 months).

    But, I wonder if they built-in a “time-bomb” to halt the program after a set date (like they did on BETA-1). Their trust was destroyed with those (2) moves.

    Still, I’m happy today… and my wife promises reward for that….

  • its very good article for sharing with us clearly