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  • HP Mini 110 Review

    HP Mini 110 Review

    Last year while attending SolidWorks World 2009, I started thinking seriously about purchasing a “netbook” computer after lugging around an 8.5 pound Dell M6400 for 6 straight days.  Rather than purchasing one right away, I decided to wait and see what the rumored “Apple Tablet” looked like before taking the dive.  With SolidWorks World approaching, […]

  • Dell M6400 with Windows 7!

    Dell M6400 with Windows 7!

    Well…after Vista x64 started giving me a few “blue screens” and the fact that I had a slow week at work, I figured this was an opportune time to update my M6400 to Windows 7 x64.  Last June I did a review of the M6400 hardware itself.   Since that seemed to be a popular […]

  • Dell M6400 Review

    Dell M6400 Review

    Hardware reviews is not something I have done much on this site, but when I mentioned sharing my thoughts once my new Dell M6400 came in, I got some comments and even some e-mails asking me to post my thoughts.  So…here goes! First, a little background.  I was running a Dell M90 that was a […]

  • Mouse for SolidWorks?

    Mouse for SolidWorks?

    One might think it would be easy to pick out a mouse for use with SolidWorks, but when it comes to me, I hasn’t been for quite some time.  For the last couple of years, I have had to sacrifice comfort for function. My first “favorite” mouse was the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.  I got my […]

  • NextEngine Teaser

    NextEngine Teaser

    If you read Jeff, Matt, or Devon’s Blogs, you’ve probably read some discussion regarding the NextEngine 3D Scanner.  Jeff and I are going to be teaming up to write a review on the product.  Matt posted an absolutely HILARIOUS article showing how he is using his NextEngine Scanner.  To learn more about the scanner and […]