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  • Tornado Relief

    Tornado Relief

    It has been quite an eventful week here in North Alabama.  For me it all started with an early morning wake up call last Wednesday of intense lightning and thunder.  Those storms were just the beginning of what turned out to be one of the worst severe weather disasters in US history. We spent much […]

  • SolidWorks What’s New Guides! – Yes, ALL of Them!

    SolidWorks What’s New Guides! – Yes, ALL of Them!

    Have you ever wished that you could turn back time and look at what previous versions of SolidWorks looked like?  Perhaps you have a customer who is a few versions back and you can’t quite remember if they have access to one of the newer features.  Perhaps you are just plain curious and would like […]

  • Laptops, Moving, & More!

    Laptops, Moving, & More!

    There has been quite a bit going on lately which has resulted in a lack of posts here on the site.  I’m still here…just working on some “new” things. The biggest news for me personally is that I am in the process of moving to a new home.  I don’t have to tell many of […]


    It’s been a busy year and is time for an overdue VACATION!!  I leave early tomorrow morning for Walt Disney World.  I’ll be there for 1 complete fun filled week!  More than likely you won’t see any posts out of me until I get back.  I’m sure some of my fellow Blog Squad members will […]

  • Disqus Comment System & Other Happenings

    Disqus Comment System & Other Happenings

    I have switched the Comment system for this Blog over to DISQUS.  If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I have been pondering this for a few weeks.  After having to moderate 37 “undesirable” comments today (I’m not going to say the word) I decided to go ahead and make the […]

  • New E-mail Address

    New E-mail Address

    I have finally gotten my new e-mail address set up.  You may have seen this address already if you are an e-mail subscriber.  Due to an incorrect network setting it did not start working till late last night.  I’m not going to write the e-mail out in this post because there is no sense in […]


    It’s been a week long project but now has a new host and all new site design!  Since my Blog was launched in June of 2006 it has been part of the designsmarter.typepad community which is funded by SolidWorks.  The great thing about the whole experience is that even though they are providing the […]

  • BigDog


    A coworker of mine sent this to me today. (Thanks Johnnie!)  This is one of the coolest looking Robotics projects I have seen to date.  Check out the Boston Dynamics site to find out about BigDog.  The video is definitely a must see.  I wonder if BigDog was designed in SolidWorks?  A little Google searching […]

  • Blog Content Research

    Blog Content Research

    You will see some changes to this Blog soon.  Generally I have been posting articles with MANY details in written form with an occasional video thrown in.  I am thinking of doing MORE videos in the future with maybe a little less writing when it comes to Tips and possibly Reviews.  My question for the […]

  • My iPhone 3G Adventure

    My iPhone 3G Adventure

    Over the last month there is one word that has been consistently plastered all over tech sites across the Internet.  iPhone.  If you haven’t heard anything about the iPhone 3G yet I think we need to either check your pulse or take some dynamite to that rock you have been living under.  The iPhone 3G […]

  • Just Checking in….

    There seems to be LOTS of things going on right now.  SolidWorks 2009 Beta 1 is just past it’s first week of Beta Testing.  I really like what I am seeing so far and there are more goodies to come in Beta 2.  Check it out at the Customer Portal if you haven’t already.  (Must […]

  • Build LEGOS in 3D!

    Build LEGOS in 3D!

    My eight year old son never ceases to amaze me with his computer skills.  He called me over to the computer the other day and showed me his latest discovery on the web.  Before I reveal what it was I want you to stop for a second and think about just how many people in […]

  • Windows Live Writer

    Windows Live Writer

    I had lunch today with Brian McElyea who most of you know as the CADFANATIC.  He told me about this cool new program called Windows Live Writer that you can use to post messages to your Weblog.  So I guess I would consider this post the first test!  I’ve been looking for an alternative method […]

  • SharePoint

    The company I work for has recently implemented Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for our internal intranet.  I am pretty new to the software but have found it very interesting to say the least.  I’ll report more here as I learn more about the software and its collaboration capabilities.  One of the things I am most excited […]