Tornado Relief

May 3, 2011 3 Comments »

It has been quite an eventful week here in North Alabama.  For me it all started with an early morning wake up call last Wednesday of intense lightning and thunder.  Those storms were just the beginning of what turned out to be one of the worst severe weather disasters in US history. We spent much of the afternoon and evening hours taking cover under the desks in our office.  Mid afternoon we lost power and didn’t get it back for 4 days.

All of our family made it through safe and sound and we were VERY fortunate to not have any damage from the storms, but there are MANY here in North Alabama who weren’t so lucky.  Many homes across the region were flattened by EF4 and EF5 tornados.  The community is pulling together and is doing an amazing job in disaster relief.  Since I’m BY FAR not the best writer in my family, I’m going to send  you over to my wife’s site to learn more about what has happened and how you can help if you feel so inclined.

Tornadoes – Your Help is Needed  – Southern Plate

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