Disqus Comment System & Other Happenings

August 23, 2008 31 Comments »
Disqus Comment System & Other Happenings

I have switched the Comment system for this Blog over to DISQUS.  If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I have been pondering this for a few weeks.  After having to moderate 37 “undesirable” comments today (I’m not going to say the word) I decided to go ahead and make the move.  It looks like most if not all of my Legacy Comments have been imported, so I would say so far it is a success!

DISQUS has some really cool features.  I would highly encourage you to register a profile at the DISQUS site.  If your register, you can create an avatar that is viewable on this site and most other Blogs using DISQUS.  One of the REALLY cool features is that you can go to the DISQUS site and view comments you left on any of the Disqus Community Blogs all in one place!  You can also see if there have been any replies to your Comments since DISQUS is commonly setup with a threaded theme.  SolidSmack, The SW Geek, & SolidWorks Heard! are also running Disqus.  Thanks to all of those guys for answering some of my questions!

Other Happenings

I’m in the final leg of a project that is taking up most of my time outside of work.  If you follow me on Twitter….you probably know already what it is.  I’ll post more about it in the coming weeks.  Later in the Fall I plan to finish up the Mach 4 Racer that is shown in my Blog Header image and then make it available to anyone who wants it!

Stay tuned….more to come!

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