Disqus Comment System & Other Happenings

August 23, 2008 31 Comments »
Disqus Comment System & Other Happenings

I have switched the Comment system for this Blog over to DISQUS.  If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I have been pondering this for a few weeks.  After having to moderate 37 “undesirable” comments today (I’m not going to say the word) I decided to go ahead and make the move.  It looks like most if not all of my Legacy Comments have been imported, so I would say so far it is a success!

DISQUS has some really cool features.  I would highly encourage you to register a profile at the DISQUS site.  If your register, you can create an avatar that is viewable on this site and most other Blogs using DISQUS.  One of the REALLY cool features is that you can go to the DISQUS site and view comments you left on any of the Disqus Community Blogs all in one place!  You can also see if there have been any replies to your Comments since DISQUS is commonly setup with a threaded theme.  SolidSmack, The SW Geek, & SolidWorks Heard! are also running Disqus.  Thanks to all of those guys for answering some of my questions!

Other Happenings

I’m in the final leg of a project that is taking up most of my time outside of work.  If you follow me on Twitter….you probably know already what it is.  I’ll post more about it in the coming weeks.  Later in the Fall I plan to finish up the Mach 4 Racer that is shown in my Blog Header image and then make it available to anyone who wants it!

Stay tuned….more to come!

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  • May god strike me down dead none of those were my comments. Now that Van Knopp guy… that's another story. ;>)

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Jon,

    No…none of the “undesirable” comments were yours…just a lot of that stuff they sell in a can.

    Ricky Jordan

  • I had some very nice things to say about you today on comp.cad.solidworks.

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Oh yea? What did I do to deserve that?

    Ricky Jordan

  • Here is what I said:

    “When I posted with an alias to Ricky Jordon's blog I got a semi-honest answer about SolidWorks severe limitations with working with imported data. I posted there because Ricky Jordon did the best job of any SolidWorks blogger covering what was new in SolidWorks 2009. The guy hates me but here I am saying he did a really good job covering what was new in SolidWorks 2009″

    Jon Banquer
    San Diego, CA

  • Hey Ricky. lookin' good man. This has made moderating comments on solidsmack a lot easier. have fun.

  • Great switch on the comments Ricky. I have enjoyed the Disqus system since Josh made the switch at Solidsmack. Much easier to read and add to each comment. I believe it also increases the participation also.

  • Thanks for the nice comments Rod. It's pretty nice so far. If it make things easier to manage on my end and more readable for the readers, then that's a win-win situation!

    Ricky Jordan

  • Nice comments are better than nasty comments. Anyhow, what was the driving
    force that caused you to switch to Disqus besides having to edit the
    “unsuitable” comments?

  • There were a couple of things. The biggest thing to me was the community approach. I like where they are going with the ability to view comments a person has made across multiple blogs on one page. This type of community linking will help connect more users and Bloggers in common discussions. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the future.

    The threaded view and ability to reply to a specific comment is REALLY nice. It's almost like having an integrated forum in your comment system! This also makes discussions easier to follow. To me Discus IS more of a Discussion system rather than a Comments system.

    It's also easier for me to manage and integrates well with WordPress. Hopefully it will lead to a better overall experience for users all around on this site.

  • Interesting take on the community, I had not thought of it in that manner. I do admit though, It is interesting to see the comments/discussions a person has made here and there.

    I agree with you on the discussions point, after seeing it working on Solidsmack I saw how much easier it is to follow everyone's input.

    I also like the abiltiy to follow. Need to look into it a bit more and see what it can really do.

  • Cool, I just implemented Disqus on my blog! I really like the capabilities it brings!

  • I have switched the Comment system for this Blog over to DISQUS. If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I have been pondering this for a few weeks

  • disqus is a pretty awesome system as im sure you already know i used to use it on all my blogs now i am gravitating away from it because i dont have time to moderate it anymore.

  • I think Disqus is going to be the next best thing in commenting. It's great at stopping spam !………… : )

  • Thumbs up for the feature. I will be returning for more insights once in a while. Kudos

  • Yeah !
    Its a new improved version of discus is 2.0 ………..enjoy it .

  • nice post, thanks for sharing :)

  • Disqus provides you with a better way of attracting blog readers to start thread conversations in blog posts. It enables the post to be more interactive and manageable and it presents blog comments in a nicer, web 2.0ish way.

  • gvjv .

  • OswaldjdlkElla

    Great Work !


  • The big advantage with Thoughtful Comments is that it lets you manage all your comments in the front end and is especially good at getting rid of troublesome posters. If you get a lot of comments, it lets you moderate them a whole lot faster.
    What you might appreciate about Thoughtful Comments is that it uses all core functions from WordPress so there are no compatibility issues if a site owner ever decides to uninstall the plugin. Unlike Disqus, Intense Debate, Typepad Connect and all the rest of the comment parasiteware we respect your data

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