Just Checking in….

June 18, 2008 4 Comments »

There seems to be LOTS of things going on right now.  SolidWorks 2009 Beta 1 is just past it’s first week of Beta Testing.  I really like what I am seeing so far and there are more goodies to come in Beta 2.  Check it out at the Customer Portal if you haven’t already.  (Must be on subscription to participate.)

I’ve been working on a “project for fun” that I’ll be ready to share soon.  Much of the work I do cannot be shared with the SolidWorks Community due to proprietary circumstances so this little project was designed from the beginning as something I CAN share.  The only hint I will drop on it is that it has roots in a movie that was recently released.  Stay tuned for this in the coming weeks.

I also had another rather LARGE side project dropped in my lap that is due to begin hopefully next week.  This one will take about two months to complete and should be VERY interesting.  🙂  More on that later as well.

Stay tuned…..more to come soon!

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