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  • SolidWorks 2011: What’s New Highlights

    SolidWorks 2011:  What’s New Highlights

    DS SolidWorks Corporation today unveiled SolidWorks 2011, the latest release of the most popular 3D CAD software on the market. There are many new features to talk about, but today I’m going to hit the highlights of what is coming. Theme Every release has a theme and this one is no different. Along with improving […]

  • SolidWorks 2009: Weldments

    SolidWorks 2009: Weldments

    The Weldment functionality received some significant upgrades in SolidWorks 2009.  The general result of these enhancements will be less time spent by the user generating Structural Members and less time needed to trim/extend components. The first change we will take a look at is the ability to create multiple Groups within a single Structural Member.  […]

  • SolidWorks 2009: Instant3D

    SolidWorks 2009:  Instant3D

    Instant3D was introduced to the SolidWorks community in SolidWorks 2008.  Naturally in the first revision since then there are a few new enhancements which are sure to come in handy.  Instant3D can now be utilized in Assemblies!  Using Instant3D you can modify assemblies sketches, features, & mates!  It works pretty much the same as it […]

  • SolidWorks 2009 Enhancement Highlights

    SolidWorks 2009 Enhancement Highlights

    IT’S TIME!  12:00AM August 4, 2008.  Although I figured very few people will be reading this when it is posted, I wanted to make sure it got out in my subscriber e-mails which go out in the middle of the night.  It’s time to start talking OPENLY about SolidWorks 2009.  The purpose of this post […]