SolidWorks 2009: Instant3D

Instant3D was introduced to the SolidWorks community in SolidWorks 2008.  Naturally in the first revision since then there are a few new enhancements which are sure to come in handy.  Instant3D can now be utilized in Assemblies!  Using Instant3D you can modify assemblies sketches, features, & mates!  It works pretty much the same as it does in part files.

SolidWorks 2009 also introduces some new ways to manipulate closed contour sketch geometry using Instant3D.  You now have a 2D coordinate axis that is available to drag geometry along axis directions.  This seems to be best for concept work where you don’t have many relations or dimensions defined in the sketch.  If you try to pull a feature based sketch by one of the axis and there is a relation holding it in that direction, SolidWorks gives you the option to delete that relation.

Instant3D has now made its way into the Weldment functionality.  You can click and drag faces of Weldment Structural Members and set the change using the Instant3D Ruler.

Thanks to a tip from Matt Rece (the SolidWorks TTM from my area), here is a bit of an “undocumented” addition to Instant3D.  You can now use Instant3D to change Offset, Translation, & Rotation based Move Face commands!  Once you have created the command you can click the face that has been moved and drag the Instant3D arrow to re-adjust.

Click the Image Below to view a video demonstrating these new Instant3D features.

Click to watch the video!

Stay tuned…more to come tomorrow!