SolidWorks Tip: Move Face

SolidWorks Tip:  Move Face
December 15, 2006 9 Comments »

Over the past year, the Move Face tool has become one of my favorite tools in SolidWorks. It was originally introduced as a tool that helps users make modifications to imported bodies (parts with NO feature tree). The feature works ... Read More »

SolidWorks Tip: 3D Sketcher Triad

SolidWorks Tip:  3D Sketcher Triad
September 6, 2006 3 Comments »

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to manipulate splines in 3DSketches? I think most of us who have used them have felt that way from time to time. Most of that frustration can stem from the view orientation of ... Read More »

SolidWorks Tip: Save As Part

SolidWorks Tip:  Save As Part
August 30, 2006 20 Comments »

Just because a feature has been in SolidWorks for quite some time doesn’t necessarily mean that it is well known throughout the user community. One great example of this is the Save As Part feature. I’ve found quite a few ... Read More »

SolidWorks 2007: ScanTo3D Part 2

SolidWorks 2007:  ScanTo3D Part 2
August 22, 2006 8 Comments »

In Part 1 of my review of ScanTo3D, we covered importing point cloud data and converting that data into mesh data using the Mesh Preparation Wizard. In this second installment we will take a look at some surface creation functionality ... Read More »

SolidWorks 2007: ScanTo3D Part 1

SolidWorks 2007:  ScanTo3D Part 1
August 14, 2006 15 Comments »

From time to time, SolidWorks seems to have a knack for pulling off a real surprise with the introduction of a particular feature or product add-in. The addition of ScanTo3D was to me another great new feature that seemed to ... Read More »

SolidWorks Tip: Delete Face

SolidWorks Tip:  Delete Face
August 8, 2006 14 Comments »

One of my favorite tools in SolidWorks is the Delete Face command. It probably has too many uses for me to list them all here but what I use them for mainly is surface reconstruction in SolidWorks native files and ... Read More »

SolidWorks Tip: Chamfer Feature

SolidWorks Tip:  Chamfer Feature
August 5, 2006 9 Comments »

If you have ever tried to add a Chamfer Feature to multiple edges of a part in SolidWorks, this tip might just be for you. Unlike Fillets which seem to be more commonly used, Chamfers can turn out quite different ... Read More »

SolidWorks 2007: Usability Enhancements

SolidWorks 2007:  Usability Enhancements
July 31, 2006 4 Comments »

And what would Usability Enhancements be? Well, you won’t find this “category” in the What’s New manual. I have grouped together a few enhancements from SolidWorks 2007 which I believe will result in time saved and less mouse clicks for ... Read More »

SolidWorks 2007: Splines

SolidWorks 2007:  Splines
July 18, 2006 4 Comments »

Splines in SolidWorks 2007 has received some significant enhancements. There is added functionality as well as changes to existing features that make splines easier to use and control. Let’s start with the changes to the spline handles. First and foremost, ... Read More »

SW2007: Belt/Chain Features

SW2007:  Belt/Chain Features
July 12, 2006 10 Comments »

Machine designers will LOVE the new Belt/Chain features in SolidWorks 2007.  The days of sketching arcs and lines to simulate a belt could be over for most users with the new features that have been added. Two Belt/Chain Features have ... Read More »

SW 2007: Boundary Surface

SW 2007:  Boundary Surface
June 26, 2006 5 Comments »

With the public announcement of SolidWorks 2007 last week, several new enhancements related to surfacing were released and demonstrated. This release shows significant improvements in the area of C2 (Curvature Continuous) surfacing tools. One of the tools that provide this ... Read More »

CATIA & SolidWorks

June 13, 2006 4 Comments »

There has been some recent blog traffic regarding Catia & SolidWorks and how the two programs still cannot exchange native data. This has been a hot topic for years now (pretty much since Dassault bought SolidWorks).  For anyone that has ... Read More »