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  • SolidWorks Video Tip: 2009 BOM Restructure

    SolidWorks Video Tip:  2009 BOM Restructure

    SolidWorks 2009 has been out long enough now that most of the “major” enhancements have probably been talked about on quite a few sites across the web.  Here’s an enhancement that I have noticed hasn’t gotten much press.  That enhancement is the ability to restructure Bills of Materials (BOM) in Drawings. This video tip will […]

  • SolidWorks 2009 Enhancement Highlights

    SolidWorks 2009 Enhancement Highlights

    IT’S TIME!  12:00AM August 4, 2008.  Although I figured very few people will be reading this when it is posted, I wanted to make sure it got out in my subscriber e-mails which go out in the middle of the night.  It’s time to start talking OPENLY about SolidWorks 2009.  The purpose of this post […]