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  • SolidWorks Tip: Area/Hatch

    SolidWorks Tip:  Area/Hatch

    There are a few things that I discovered recently about the Area/Hatch command in Drawings that I thought I would share. There are a couple of different ways to apply hatches. How you select the area can effect the options you will have in applying the hatch. There are two options in applying hatches, the…

  • SolidWorks 2007: Drawing Blocks

    SolidWorks 2007:  Drawing Blocks

    When SolidWorks 2006 came out last year, one of the coolest new features was without a doubt the addition of Sketch Blocks. For me, the only disappointing part of this new feature set was that it couldn’t be utilized in Drawings. With the introduction of SolidWorks 2007, all of the Sketch Block functionality now works…