SolidWorks Electrical Routing – Part 2

July 13, 2009 27 Comments »

Most users of SolidWorks Electrical Routing use the product to determine wire & route lengths.  This video is a direct followup to the Part 1 video.  In this segment, we will take the 3D Electrical Harness that we created in Part 1 and make some modifications to the route itself to better fit our design intent.  Along with that we’ll show you how you can add wires to your electrical route which will give you accurate cut lengths for the individual wires and/or cable conductors that make up your harness.  The method shown is the “manual” method which is necessary when you create a route “on the fly”.  Click on the image below to play the video.


If you want to watch this video on YouTube, CLICK HERE

Part 3 of this series of posts will cover creating an Electrical Cable/Harness using a From/To list.  There is a little more setup involved, but the automation is GREAT, which results in faster route creation.

Stay tuned…more to come!

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  • Steve_Calvert

    Ricky, your video stops at 25 seconds, what's up?

  • Steve,

    I'm not having any problems with the video playback on my end. Have you tried refreshing the page? I'll check my server when I get a chance and see if I see any errors.

    Anyone else having this same problem?


  • Steve_Calvert

    I refreshed and even re-booted (because of something else) and this time it gets to 55 seconds and stopped.

  • cairnsy

    Wicked Vid mate… excellent content

    Any chance you could “Pump up the Volume”?

    The audio is quite low even with my volume turned up MAX on both Web & Komputa sound card

    Keep 'em comin'

  • Wow, part two was even better than part one.

    Okay so this is great and I'm glad you are blogging again and everything but in the meantime your wife (that'd be me) is still using a manual can opener.

    So I picked out one that I like, it matches the new kitchen, and you got paid today.
    Hint hint.

    Christy :)

    P.S. If you order it with my acct, its free shipping. :)

    Y'all carry on now, sorry to interrupt.
    ~goes back to the kitchen~

  • I've got to admit…that is the most creative way I have ever seen someone get a can opener. :-)

    It's on the way. :-)


  • It arrived today now I need it installed :)

  • carlpierce

    Ricky –

    I really appreciate your tutorials, they're well put together and very informative. Any plans to make a Part 3 (or more) follow-up to this series?


  • i like the part 2! amazing!

  • Rory

    These videos were a big help. Thank you for putting them together!

  • Rory

    These videos were a big help. Thank you for putting them together!

  • Very nicely done Rick. I enjoyed watching this done digitally after doing so many of these in my career where I maunually wired up electrical components. I didn't even get tired following along. :) Ps. Never keep your wife waiting for anything. That can be life threatening.

  • Very nicely done Rick. I worked for many years wiring up things like that but this time while watching it being done digitally I did not even get tired. :) Ps. Never keep your wife waiting for anything it could be a life threatening event. Take care my friend.

  • Great Demo

    Excellent video. I'm not familiar with Solidworks, I use Catia v5, but it's not too user friendly for harnesses. I look forward to your next demonstration. Thanks

  • sadfasf

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  • Nickhulinsky

    Hi I am new here and love the video posts. I am looking forward to part 3. Any idea when you might have a chance to do it?

  • Wow! I need to get some more done on this folks. I'll put it towards the top of my list. I'm working on getting something else going for the video hosting…the bandwidth is getting to be a bit much for my site. :-)

  • Corey Coggins

    I was curious, could you possible send me the excel file that you used to get the wire sizes and all the different colors?

    That would save me SO much time and i would appreciate it very much! Thanks.

  • Brandon

    Outstanding videos on routing. Our company is going to be making the move to Solidworks…and it’s routing capabilities are one of the biggest reasons. Thank you for demonstrating this so clearly. I look forward to Part 3 when you get your bandwith issues taken care of (Part 1 on youtube looked good though).

  • Bookmark 420

    Hi ricky video too slow so plz change video and upload again……..

  • Harry L

    “Part 3 of this series of posts will cover creating an Electrical Cable/Harness using a From/To list.” When??? Looking at the dates it’s been a while, will it be coming any time soon?

  • Harry,

    Thanks for the reminder!  :-)

    I’ve FINALLY completed the Part 3 video.  You can find it here:


  • Steve

    Hi Ricky, our company is just starting to dive into the electrical routing and all 3 videos were fantastic.

    Is there a DL site available or can you possible send me the excel files that you used to get the wire sizes and all the different colors or the sample From/To excel files that are preformatted?

    That would save us some significant time and would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

  • alan

    Hey, I want to say this is a great work.
    Can I suggest you put another one on youtube? It is so slow on this site.
    it takes a hour to load this video.

  • Hi Alan,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I posted the video to my youtube channel for you.

    Best Regards,


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