The S Key Experiment – Part 3

December 21, 2008 10 Comments »
The S Key Experiment – Part 3

The S Key Experiment continues for me and in this post we dive into Part 3 which covers using the S Key shortcut menu in the Drawing environment of SolidWorks 2009.   In case you missed it, I covered the Part Environment in Part 1 and the Assembly Environment in Part 2.  I have found the S Key to be a GREAT tool in SolidWorks and I have not turned the CommandManager OR my Toolbars on since the experiment began.  Click on the image below to view the video.


Stay tuned….more to come!

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  • very nice trilogy ricky. thank´s

  • Neil

    but very very quiet…

    are these done at midnight when nothing is stirrring not even the mice?
    perhaps Santa may bring Ricky a megaphone if he's been a good little blogger ;)

    >stay tuned

    a special Xmas message? a word from our sponsor? :D

  • Yes I discovered the S key a while ago, and have customised it for all three file types. It's allowed me to turn off all toolbars, and have a nice big clean work space.

  • Wait a minute….I thought I got the volume thing fixed? :-) (Seriously though…the volume sounds good on my end. Got my laptop volume halfway and I hear myself fine. Still weird hearing my own voice coming out of the computer.)

    Yes….the videos are most of the time made late in the evening. Believe me…if my kids were up…you would hear them in the videos! :-)

  • I agree Adam. I've really grown accustomed to having no Toolbars or CommandManager now. I think it is here to stay for me!


  • Thanks Gale! I've had a surprising number of users telling me that they are trying it for themselves after viewing the videos.


  • Neil

    hmmm strange cos its quite low vol for me..
    since no one else has mentioned it iI guess it must be my issue here(?)..
    I need to run the pc vol up to max and wind the stereo amp up a notch or two
    ordinarily that would be pretty LOUD
    in fact I have just tried this level on the BBC news site and a few others and there is a fair difference between your voice level and those
    …still if its not an issue for other folks I can adapt I suppose
    Perhaps Santa will bring me an ear trumpet…(yeah I've been good too) ;)

    Merry Xmas to you and yours Ricky
    keep that megaphone away from the children
    rousing 5am starts to opens presents is not good for the nerves

  • Marc Nelson

    Excellent demos on the use of the S key. I don't know where I have been but I will be teaching this trick to students. Thanks for showing the results of your experiment.

  • key

    you would hear them in the videos! :-)

  • OxjdlkTaylor

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