SP 2.0 is out

November 21, 2006 No Comments »

SolidWorks 2007 SP2 is now available for download at the Customer Portal.

I’ll be installing it first thing next week since I have a few SPRs that are supposed to be addressed in it.

We have been running SolidWorks 2007 for almost a month now and I have been really happy so far.  As with any release I have run into a few annoying bugs, but for me, the enhancements have far outweighed any problems I have had thus far.  The last two days I have been working on a fairly complex plastic part for a client and have LOVED the ability to save the file while in rollback mode!  Our group has also had some work documenting electrical schematics and cables and so far, the new drawing block capabilities have really saved some time!

Stay tuned for more reviews and tidbits coming in December…..

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