SolidWorks 2007 SP0 EV is out

July 20, 2006 No Comments »

WOW!  That was quick!  Only one Pre-Release and we are already at SP0 Early Visibility.  It is available for download to those participating in the Early Visiblity program.  You must be on subscription service to participate.  Click here to sign up for the Early Visibility program.

With the Early Visiblity being out now and based on past timing, I could see FCS (First Customer Ship) happening towards the end of August.  I’m sure much of that depends on how the EV release goes.  Most resellers are having their 2007 rollouts at the beginning of September, so that timetable seems to make sense.

I have about 15 hours runtime on Pre-Release 1 and I must say it seems to be VERY stable.  I had probably 60+ hours on Beta4 and only experienced ONE crash.  As most of us have seen in the past, the true test will be SP0.  Stay tuned.  More feature reviews to come!

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