3D PDF coming to SolidWorks!

In last week’s press release, it was announced that starting with SolidWorks 2007, users will be able to “save any file in Adobe Systems’ new 3D PDF format”.

In my opinion, this is a GREAT addition to SolidWorks.  I think most of us long time users remember the first time they ever saw E-Drawings and how amazing it was.  Throughout the years we have seen the product mature and it definitely has it’s place in the market.  But let’s face it, PDF IS the standard.  Try to find a computer today that doesn’t at least have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on it…..it might take you a while. 🙂  In addition to that, most corporate e-mail systems today will strip out .exe files even if they are zipped.  This can often complicate trying to send E-Drawings to non-CAD oriented customers.

I am running into more and more companies these days that use .pdf files as their “standard” released document.  Having this option can allow many users to share 3D data without adding a lot of overhead to Engineers, Designers, and CAD Administrators.

That’s all for now…more to come soon (including some updates to the site layout).