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  • Reinventing CAD – Where are we headed? – Part 2

    Reinventing CAD – Where are we headed? – Part 2

      In this series of posts, I’ve laid out a few observations on some of the new trends in the CAD industry and where we might be heading as new platforms are developed for the future.  You can catch Part 1 here if you haven’t seen it already.  Let’s dive into Part 2. In Part 1, […]

  • Next Up: SolidWorks World 2012

    Next Up:  SolidWorks World 2012

    That time of the year is almost upon us.  I’ll be flying out to SolidWorks World on Sunday and should arrive mid-day in San Diego.  It looks like it will be a busy conference.  What will be shown this year?  Soon we will find out. Two years ago at SolidWorks World 2010 in Anaheim the […]

  • SolidWorks in the Cloud

    SolidWorks in the Cloud

    This is just the first post of many to come on this. I’m going to try and hit the highlights and then we will get into some of the details later. Today at the first General Session of SolidWorks World 2010, SolidWorks previewed some new technology that they have been working on now for the […]