SolidWorks Tip: Heli-Coil Tap Drills

March 30, 2009 28 Comments »
SolidWorks Tip: Heli-Coil Tap Drills


Here’s a GREAT SolidWorks Tip that was brought to my attention on the latest project I am working on.  When you work in the commercial design world, you don’t often run across the need for the use of Heli-Coil inserts.  As I have learned recently, they are used quite a bit in military and space hardware design.  For those of you that aren’t familar with Heli-Coil inserts, you can learn more about them HERE.

Now…..the SolidWorks Tip.  Helicoil Tap Drill sizes are available in the Hole Wizard inside of SolidWorks.  If you set the Hole Type to “Hole” as shown in the image above.  “Helicoil Tap Drills” is available in the “Type” pull down.  You can set the “Size” to the thread size needed and the hole size is automatically set!  You might still have to tweak the hole size a bit depending on your material, but if the material you are putting the Heli-Coil in is Aluminum, the size is correct.  You also have the option to assign a near side countersink, which is recommended in most cases when you use Heli-Coils.  The only thing you’ll need to watch is that the default angle that comes up with the near side countersink option is 0 degrees.  In most cases you want this value to be 120 degrees.  Once you get the settings tweaked to your liking, I HIGHLY recommend you save it to your Hole Favorites so that you can reuse the settings again.

Here is the completed example part which shows how SolidWorks names the Hole Wizard Feature.


Special Thanks goes out to my co-worker Chris Harris for pointing this out to me.  Chris is a veteran CAD user who is learning to use SolidWorks for the first time on our current project and is doing a GREAT job!

Stay tuned….more to come!

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  • Richard

    Thanks for posting this one Ricky. I have used these heli-coils on some different job sites but never knew about or had any specification training on their design. You have added to my overall knowledge and I thank you.

  • Mike

    Hi Ricky,

    I have a question for you. I want to take the CSWP, what do you recommend for preparation for passing the exam? Thanks

    Best regards,
    Mike Radoiu

  • Hey Richard!

    Glad you liked the post! I've been recently educated on the specifics of Heli-Coils myself! Looks like we are both learning some new stuff!


  • Hi Mike,

    Some resellers offer some CSWP prep courses. SolidProfessor offers a prep course but it can be a little expensive if you are having to cover the cost yourself.

    I took the exam back in 2002. I prepared for the exam by making sure I had taken all of the available training courses with my reseller and by printing and studying the entire SolidWorks Help. (It was quite a large notebook). Back in 2006 I helped some of our local users in our User Group study for the exam. They took the training courses and studied the Help much like I did and all four of them passed!

    Best Regards,


  • Unfortunately I did not understand the computer graphics but I think it looks quite nice!

  • great post, thanks for the info

  • Kelvin

    Hi Ricky,
    I am also working on a project needing Helicoils, and have found the downside of using the Hole Wizard Helicoil Tap Drill function is when placing a hole callout in a drawing. … the tap size is not mentioned. The overall function is incomplete without that final piece of information being placed in the drawing.

  • nicoleclark


    I am looking for a place in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami to take a Solidworks course to freshen up my basic skills from a few years of being out of the loop.

    Can you help me find a lab, or school or continuing education program?

  • test

  • This is awesome, there are lots of training programs and establishments that are teaching this program, well now a days graphic artist had been really in demand

  • test

  • I'm really struggling to memorize all the tools in Solidworks.. I know the basics of CAD, but when I had planned to study Solidworks, GRRR..

  • todd_fun

    thanks for you answer ricky,i have sam problem too!

  • test

  • GREAT SolidWorks Tips….. Thanks to you and your mate Chris Harris .

  • helicoilin

    Helicoil tools are great

  • Thanks for this great tip ricky!

  • Thank you for the TIP ricky.

    Working with solidworks is so cool!

  • max191

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  • thanks for the info, appreciate you sharing it with us. have bookmarked the site and will be back

  • Dan Chambers

    It's still a pity that the Smart Fastener feature doesn't have the Helicoil inserts as an option though…

  • Dan Chambers

    It's still a pity that the Smart Fastener feature doesn't have the Helicoil inserts as an option though…

  • It's a nice update

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  • Bookmark 420

    wow ricky you are so good.Nicely presents with us.Who is doing a GREAT job

  • Hi,

    thanks for providing us essential information about it

  • Jeff Talbot

    Just as an update, since I know this post is older.
    Heli-Coils have been added to the tapped hole option in the hole wizard!