SolidWorks Video Tip: 2009 Numeric Sketch Input

September 8, 2008 18 Comments »
SolidWorks Video Tip:  2009 Numeric Sketch Input

Here’s a great little video tip showing off the Numeric Sketch Input function that is brand new inside SolidWorks 2009.  By changing a couple of settings, some sketch entities can automatically create dimensions as you sketch and you have the ability to input your desired dimensions as part of this process.  The Numeric Sketch Input options are only available for the Line, Circle, Rectangle, & Slot sketch tools.  Below is a screen shot of the Rectangle command.

Note that you have to have the “Add dimensions” option enabled along with the Tools->Options property shown below.

Click on the video link below to see this new feature in action.

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  • RIcky – Glad to see more video posts! I like the text comments but come on man, you have to voice over with your southern drawl! Great work buddy!

  • There are two things holding me back from that right now Lou. The lack of a good microphone/sound setup and enough quiet time in the house to record. :-) (With two kids running around…it can get loud.)

    It is in the works though. After I get back from vacation I'll try to get some voice either added to the existing videos or incorporated into new posts. I might be seeking some “sound” advice from the podcast master (YOU) when I setup to do it.



  • I could give you a few sound pointers if you like. Production quality is great man. Keep it up!

  • Neil

    ….actually while I see you are here Lou
    I have some feedback about your podcasts.
    I have tried to listen to some of these and I find they are …well I am not sure exactly…I try to concentrate but after a while my mind just wanders off to other things…
    Perhaps it is because I am not used to listening to your accent.
    I have tried slowing the replay down slightly in WMP and changing the equaliser settings to boost the 2k zone a bit to assist comprehension but ..well..I dont know..there's a lot of content with a fairly continuous delivery and not much dynamic..or…er…
    Could be just me of course
    I appreciate your efforts anyway.

  • Neil – thank you for the feedback. I must say this is the first time someone has said the sound quality or delivery was poor in almost 3 years. Doing an audio podcast of SolidWorks is a challenge due to the graphical nature of the software. I try to describe the area I am in to paint a mental picture of the topic. Obviously it requires someone who is a strong user to visualize with me while I am going through the topic. With the What's New series I am just reading the manual with my own descriptive 2 cents in order to cover what is changing so users can pick out the stuff that matters most to them.
    Since you have listened to the show before, I do offer feedback at anytime but would appreciate it be directed to me via email or on my own site. Posting here on Ricky's Blog doesn't seem like the right place to send feedback to me but I will take it none the less.
    You may want to consider getting a Disqus account so people know who you are as well so your comments hold more stature. I always like to see who is commenting beyond the handle.

  • I am really loving this feature; I'm sure it will save me lots of time!

  • Neil

    Well there's always a first for everything I suppose.
    I'll put it down to not being in tune with your NA accent/culture.
    I wouldnt call them poor but seriously I do find them hard to listen to.
    While we are off topic a bit with this, I will say that as a pseudo marketing/publicity service for SW you guys do well but I would actually far prefer SW to host one super site that people(anyone) could submit content to rather than having to skip all over the net for snippets of SW interest. Sorta a SW e-magazine or cafe
    Continuous multiple connection stuff like Twitter, RSS and Disqus etc has no appeal to me at all, sorry.
    Thanks for your indulgence Ricky

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  • rss27

    Should have been in SW years ago! Think I'll wait to 2015 to upgrade when enough changes are put in to actually make upgrading worth it.

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