SolidWorks Tip: Combine Isolate and Show Hidden Components

Isolate-show-hidden Here is a quick little video tip for you.  You can combine the Isolate command with the Show Hidden Components command.  This powerful combination gives you more ability to select components for view directly in the graphics window without having to search through the FeatureManager Design Tree.

The Show Hidden Components command is new in SolidWorks 2008.  It toggles the display in the graphics window to temporarily show all components that are currently set to a Hide status.  You can toggle the components back to a Show status by simply left clicking on each component you wish to show once you exit the command.  It works very similar to the Isolate command (which is one of my all time favorite additions to the software.)  Isolate allows you to temporarily view components selected by themselves when the command is invoked.  Both commands are exited by on-screen dialog boxes.

Click HERE for a Video Demonstration.

Here’s one last tip for you.  Don’t be afraid to Mate components while the Isolate command is ACTIVE.

Stay tuned….more to come!