SolidWorks Tip: Sketch Slot

April 2, 2007 12 Comments »
SolidWorks Tip:  Sketch Slot

SketchovalComments left on Blogs can definitely drive content.  Here is one example.  A comment left by Tyler last week on one of my other Blog postings got me thinking a bit.  Tyler’s question dealt with creating an “oval” or “slot” shape that consists of two arcs and two lines that are tangent to each arc.  Although drawing a shape like this may come easy for most “seasoned” SolidWorks users, it may not be so simple for some users just starting out. (Tyler’s question wasn’t dealing with how to draw it, just how to combine the entities.) This tip is for the newer users.

Sketching a slot shape in the SolidWorks sketcher can be accomplished with several different sketch methods. I’ve picked out three to demonstrate in the video linked below. The key with each method shown is the four tangency relations.  This ensures that your design intent is maintained in the event the slot is positioned in a non-vertical or non-horizontal manner.

The first method is the more traditional “sketch and trim” method where you start by sketching two complete circles and two lines. The second method shown highlights the Autotransitioning method of sketching in the line tool. (You may not have heard about this one unless you took a SolidWorks Training class.) The third method shown uses the offset command to build the shape.

Click here to see the video.

Stay tuned….more to come!

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