SolidWorks 2007: Relative View

For those of you that use the Weldment functionality in SolidWorks, there is a nice little enhancement that has been included in SolidWorks 2007.

The Structural Member functionality in Weldments allows you quickly create weldment frames using a multi-body approach. If you need to detail a specific body in a drawing the drawing view creation is a bit different since you are creating views of a specific solid body in a part file. To create these drawing view(s) the Relative View command is invoked . In the past this worked very well for parts with at least two non-parallel planar faces. If you were trying to detail a part with one or no non-parallel planar faces (a circular tube is a good example) it was impossible to orient the solid body for the drawing view due to the lack of planar faces. In SolidWorks 2007, you can now use reference planes to help orient the part.


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