Keyboard Shortcuts – TRY IT!

June 15, 2006 4 Comments »

One of my favorite “customizations” of SolidWorks is programming my own keyboard shortcuts.  If you want to save some significant time in model and drawing creation, give it a try!  To access keyboard shortcuts in SolidWorks right click any toolbar area (except directly on top of the command manager) and select customize (you must have a document open to do this).  Go to the “Keyboard” tab.  Most commands are organized as they are listed in the file menus.

Everyone seems to have a different philosophy when it comes to keyboard shortcuts.  I am right handed; therefore I put most of my keyboard shortcuts within reach of my left hand on the keyboard.  This allows me to rarely have to take my hand off my mouse while calling up features.  Some of my desired shortcuts conflicted with default SolidWorks keyboard shortcuts.  For these items, I removed the default and replaced it with my own.

For those interested, I have posted my keyboard shortcuts in an Excel spreadsheet here.

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