Mach 4 Racer

Click the Image above to Download the model in SolidWorks 2009 format.

Click the Image above to Download the model in SolidWorks 2009 format.

You can also Download a Parasolid version HERE

This model is available for education and learning purposes only.  The models contained in the zip files are NOT to be used in any consumer paid training course or pay to access online media without expressed written consent from  I reserve the right to deny use of this model for any purpose deemed by me to be inappropriate.  Copyright 2008 – Ricky Jordan



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Video Vault

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING: I am in the process of building the Video Vault.  The files in the Video Vault can be downloaded to your computer for offline viewing.  It might take me a little while to get all the items in the list below created.  If the listed item has no link then that means I haven’t had the chance to create the video yet.  You must download the TSCC codec from TechSmith to view the videos. (It keeps the file size smaller while still maintaining the quality.)  All of the videos listed below are still and will continue to be available for streaming via flash.  You can pull a complete list of the video posts by clicking on “SolidWorks Video Tips” from the Home Page.  Happy Downloading!

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