SolidWorks World 2009 Coverage Begins Tomorrow!

February 6, 2009 5 Comments »
SolidWorks World 2009 Coverage Begins Tomorrow!

SolidWorks World 2009

Its almost that time again!  My flight leaves EARLY in the morning for SolidWorks World 2009 in sunny Orlando, Florida!  I’ve added a couple of new features to the site that will be posted for about the next week.  In the right sidebar you’ll find a Twitter Widget that lists all the Tweets about SolidWorks World 2009.  The listing in the Widget updates about every 20 minutes but if you click on the Twitter logo above the list you’ll open up a LIVE Twitter page with up to the second tweet updates.  As in years past, I will be posting regularly throughout the conference and will be sending out tweets via my Twitter account as well.   All the latest posts will be on the front page in the normal fashion but I have also added a SolidWorks World 2009 category as a direct sorting option.  The posts are going to be fast and furious so let me apologize ahead of time if my grammar or spelling is a little off here and there.  🙂

Stay tuned….much more to come!

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