FREE 30 Day Trial of SolidWorks Premium (US only)

October 6, 2008 20 Comments »
FREE 30 Day Trial of SolidWorks Premium (US only)

If you click on the image above it will take you to a website that will allow you to sign up for a Free 30 day evaluation copy of SolidWorks Premium 2009.  Unfortunately for some folks, this offer is only available to those in the United States.  If anything changes with that, I’ll post it here.

At the same time you can get some free entertainment in the form of some comic strip style cartoons showing the advantages of 3D design (using SolidWorks Premium of course).

As soon as you sign up SolidWorks will mail you a DVD containing the software.  You can also request a Live demo if you like.

Getting evaluation copies of SolidWorks has in the past been handled mostly on a case by case basis by the SolidWorks Resellers.  I’m glad to see there is another option out there for those interested in test driving SolidWorks!

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  • Tha'ts cool, thanks for posting.


  • To bad only US but this is a great idea!

  • Thantech

    That is great informations but only US is very funny and we can't get how does it work.

    Mr Than

  • Mr. Than,

    You will have to ask SolidWorks about that. I don't know why it is US only. I did ask if it would be available for those outside the US and was told that it was US only for the foreseeable future. I would encourage you to e-mail SolidWorks if you would like to see this offer expanded to other countries.


  • To those of you asking about the US-only thing, this is a test program for the time being. We're going to let it run as-is for a while, and then evaluate the results to see if there's enough interest to warrant expanding the program to other countries/languages. Rest assured that the person managing the program is aware of your requests to make the offer available to the rest of the world.

    If you're interested in finding out more about SolidWorks Premium, feel free to contact your reseller to see what resources they have available for you.

    Matthew West – SolidWorks

  • manos

    Tha'ts cool, thanks for posting.

  • ham

    hey how can i download

  • Wilmer Alfonzo

    This is a revolucionary program

  • ola


  • adilso francisco osorio

    adoro solid

  • Brian

    This was not ever offered at the SolidWorks website. You will need to contact a local SolidWorks reseller office for any ways to try the software– try calling 1-800-693-9000, they'll help you find someone

  • Brian,

    I'm not sure if the 30 Day Trial is still offered. The SolidWorks Premium website is still up..but doesn't mention the trial.

    If anyone is still interested in this, follow Brian's good advice and contact your local reseller or SolidWorks directly and I'm sure someone can help.


  • Wanderer

    Ridiculous to go through so many hoops to get a demo.

  • sunilkumarsharma


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  • vivenciobunquin

    I like solid works..I love to have one

  • prithvirajanv

    dear sir/madam i am a student i want 30 Day Trial of Solid Works Premium
    request to sent me


  • Tha’ts cool.this is a great idea! great informations

  • If you’re interested in finding out more about SolidWorks Premium, feel free to contact your reseller to see what resources they have available for you.

  • Biz

    thank you