SolidWorks Community Survey

SolidWorks has released a Community Survey to better gauge what users are after when accessing and participating in online communities.  The survey is a bit long but I highly recommend that you check it out if you participate in online forums, user groups, the Customer Portal, 3D Content Central, Blogs, or SolidWorks Labs.

The timing of this survey is interesting to me as I have recently become a member of Facebook.  I have been impressed at how Facebook allows you to network with people who share common interests and feel that maybe the SolidWorks Community could benefit from a similar approach.  Combine something like this with perhaps the SolidWorks Forum, Customer Portal, Blog feeds, 3DCC, and SolidWorks Labs and you could have a one stop site that offers many benefits to SolidWorks users.

If you have a few moments….make sure you check out the survey.  There is supposed to be a follow up survey in a couple of weeks.