CircuitWorks acquired by SolidWorks

March 26, 2008 4 Comments »

SolidWorks announced today the acquisition of Priware Limted, the maker of CircuitWorks.  You can get more information on this by checking out the SolidWorks Press Release and Priware website.

The exciting part of this announcement is that starting with SolidWorks 2008 Service Pack 4, CircuitWorks will be included as part of SolidWorks Office Premium.  (As a Premium user I almost did cartwheels in my cube this morning.)  Existing Premium customers can download a 90 day copy of CircuitWorks today.  (Yes, it’s already there at the Customer Portal.)  Once the 90 day period runs out users will need to move to SP 4.0.  You can find out all the specifics by checking out this FAQ document.

I work with custom PCB designs quite often so this announcement will definitely have a positive impact on how we work with our ECAD PCB layouts in SolidWorks.

Stay tuned…..more to come!!

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