SolidWorks World 2008: Saturday

Well, the first day for me at SolidWorks World has come and gone.  I guess I can’t really call this Day 1 since that is really supposed to be Monday.  More and more folks are starting to arrive.  It’s great to see some familiar faces from last year in New Orleans as well as some new ones!  If you participate in any of the online discussion forums, it’s always fun to peg someone in the crowd with the “I know you from the forum!” line after reading their name on their conference badge.

All the members of the Blog Squad who are attending SolidWorks World this year got together at the Hard Rock Cafe last night.  It’s always good to catch up with my Blogging buddies whom many of them I only see once a year.  Also in attendance were many of the SolidWorks employees that we commonly interact with.  Jon Hirschtick (SolidWorks Founder), Greg Jankowski (SolidWorks for Dummies author), and Cholly Nachman (SolidWorks Developer) also dropped in for a surprise visit.  Mike Puckett took some pictures and has them posted on his Blog.

Stay tuned….more “geekin” from San Diego to come!