SolidWorks World 2008: Finally in San Diego!

January 19, 2008 2 Comments »

After almost 8 hours of airline joy, I am finally in San Diego, CA!  The weather here (in the 50’s) is definitely an improvement from home (Huntsville, AL) as snow showers were expected tonight and tomorrow.  Yes, it DOES snow in Alabama!  Here is proof! (Taken just two days ago.)

Here lately it seems like every time I get ready to take a trip, something at the office requires my attention at the last minute.  Today was no exception to that.  After some scrambling this morning on an “Emergency Project”, everything is under control and in the very capable hands of my new “Super-Apprentice”.  (Thanks Blake!)

Now….back to the conference.  Needless to say you should stay tuned here and with the rest of the Blog Squad for latest on all happenings at SolidWorks World 2008.  It seems like every year my schedule gets more hectic and this year is no exception.  Tomorrow will consist of meetings all day for me.  (Some of which I can’t talk about just yet.)  I’m also looking forward to dinner tomorrow night with all the members of the Blog Squad in attendance at the conference this year.  (I’m already feeling sorry for anyone sitting close to us…..we can be a pretty loud bunch.)

Sunday consists of some press events, focus group meetings, and the opening of the Partner Pavilion.

Monday is the official start of the conference.

Stay tuned….much more to come from San Diego!

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