SolidWorks 2008 Service Pack 1 is available

November 27, 2007 6 Comments »

I just happened to check the Customer Portal today and saw that SolidWorks 2008 Service Pack 1 has just been released.  Some of you out there may have been waiting to upgrade until SP1.0 is out.  For those of you in that group, it’s upgrade time!  I put up a post in October of last year with some Upgrade Recommendations.  Most of the stuff still applies.

You can download the update either thru the “Help” pull down in SolidWorks or by logging into the Customer Portal and selecting “Downloads”.  Just a reminder for companies with multiple users:  Make sure you check with your system administrator or CAD Manager before upgrading.  If you share Toolbox or Hole Wizard libraries across a network, all users will need to upgrade at the same time.

Stay tuned…more to come!

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