I Need Your Neutral CAD Data!!

September 12, 2007 7 Comments »

I am still trying to finalize what I will be presenting at SolidWorks World next year.  My topic of choice right now is “Importing and Repairing Models Part 2” which builds upon my presentation from SolidWorks World 2007.  So now, I turn to you for help.  I need some really “messed up” neutral CAD data.  It can be in the form of an IGES, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, or whatever else SolidWorks can import.  (No mesh data please)  The more gaps and faulty faces, the better!  Please stick with sending neutral data and not SolidWorks files.  There is of course no guarantee that I will be able to repair it, but I have had a pretty good track record of success in this area.

If you donate a model that makes it into the presentation, your name will be mentioned during the presentation AND will be part of the PowerPoint that goes out to all SolidWorks World attendees.

PLEASE make sure you have permission to send the data.  As they come in, I will try to let you know if I was able repair the model or not.  For those that submit a model that makes it into the presentation AND attends the session in San Diego, I will have a special door prize waiting for you!

Please e-mail all submissions to me using the E-mail Me link in the top left corner of this page.  Please put “MESSED UP MODEL” in the subject line of the e-mail.  This should be fun!  I can’t wait to see what you send!

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