SolidWorks and Transformers?

August 23, 2007 No Comments »
SolidWorks and Transformers?

BonecrusherI don’t post links to press releases here too often, but this one really caught my eye today.  Growing up in the 80’s, I was a HUGE Transformers fan.  I had quite a few of the Transformers toys from Hasbro (some of which have been passed on to my son).  It was a big deal back then when the Transformers Movie came out in 1986 (cartoon).  So, fast-forward to 2007 when the NEW Transformers Movie premiered.  As we waited in line at the theater, I don’t honestly know who was more excited about the movie, me or my eight year old son!

Anyway, back to the press release.  It turns out that one of the Decepticon characters in the film, Bonecrusher, is based on a real-life vehicle designed in SolidWorks!  Pretty cool!  Check out the Press Release for full details.  Here is a YouTube video of Bonecrusher in action.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Transformers yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

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