SolidWorks World: Sunday PM

First up for Sunday afternoon was Greg Jankowski’s CAD Manager’s Boot Camp. This was a heavily attended session as it is most every year. Greg’s presentation outlines important information for users who manage seats of SolidWorks in an organization. Not all of the information presented applied to “multi-seat” users.  A vast amount of information was shared on hardware and software configurations that result in running SolidWorks in the most efficient manner.

The Partner Pavilion was opened up at 2:00pm and was a hit with the crowd right off the bat. Pretty much any software/hardware vendor that is involved with SolidWorks has a booth at this event. Many of the new products were displayed at this event. Some of them where VERY innovative (stay tuned later today for an example of one of them).

At 5:00pm the Partner Pavilion closed and most everyone seemed to move next door to the Super Bowl Party. HP provided sponsorship of the event in the form of LOTS of food & drinks along with four giant screens for us to watch the game on. After a rough start to the game all the Colts fans were eventually treated to a Super Bowl Championship. As a Georgia fan, I had to choose between and Florida quarterback and a Tennessee quarterback. Hmmm….. tough decision. Nothing against the Bears, but I had to side with the Colts due to the tremendous respect I have for Peyton Manning and his family. It was nice to see him win the big one after so many people have been labeling him as the guy who “can’t win the big game”.

Stay tuned…..MUCH more to come!