SolidWorks World: Meeting of the Bloggers

P1010014 One of the great things about SolidWorks World is getting to meet the people that you communicate with on sometimes a daily basis as part of the SolidWorks Community. A great example of this was getting to finally meet several of my fellow Bloggers face to face for the first time. Last night all of the SolidWorks Bloggers that are here at SolidWorks World got together for dinner at Mulate’s. Anna Wood, Rob Rodriguez, Matt Lombard, Jeff Mirisola, Richard Doyle, Ben Eadie, Devon Sowell, Lenny Kikstra, & some other friends were in attendance. (Sorry I didn’t get everyone’s names in here.)

P1010021 It was honestly one of the best experiences I have had so far at ANY SolidWorks World event. We all got to share some stories and experience some REAL Cajun cooking. What a great way to finish out an awesome first day at SolidWorks World 2007!

Stay tuned…..more to come!