SolidWorks Labs

Solidworkslabs_2 SolidWorks today announced the launch of the SolidWorks Labs website. This site includes several innovative R&D projects that users can use in a variety of ways. For the launch, four different software tools are available which provide a variety of functions across the CAD spectrum.

Drawings Now is a service that allows you to upload drawings in SolidWorks Drawings and DWG/DXF formats to a website for viewing by “Non-CAD users”. The viewing of these files does not require a plug-in to be installed and provides a host of interactive features.

COSMOSExpress Now is a web based application that allows users to upload models to perform simple static FEA analysis. No software is required for download in this process as all of it is web based. The interface has somewhat of a wizard based approach and allows users to set up boundary conditions and loads to the provided model for analysis submittal. Once all the conditions are set, the static analysis is performed and results can be viewed via the website.

ZoomIn is a software application available for download that allows users to modify and produce models for presentation purposes. The interesting thing about this program is its ability to assign material properties directly to model faces in a “RealView” like fashion. These models can then be displayed using a few “pre-defined” motion parameters (defined orbit and spiral paths) and saved into a variety of video formats for use in presentations. In addition to that, multiple models can be dropped into a 3D interface together which allows limited “mating” based on common shapes. The software has a few options for exploding a model as well. Look for a full feature review of this product within the week on this blog.

DWG Navigator is an application that is very similar to SolidWorks Explorer which allows users to view, search, and modify properties of a DWG file without the need of an actual CAD program. One of the really nice features is the ability to save .DWG files in various formats without the need of an application. With this functionality, AutoCAD is not needed when you would like to change the version of a .DWG file.