Your Favorite SolidWorks World Story

December 7, 2006 15 Comments »

We are less than two months away from SolidWorks World 2007.  I thought this would be a great time to hear about your favorite “story” from attending previous SolidWorks World conferences.  It can be a particular occurrence, experience, or overall impression.

I’ve got a few that I’ll share with you.  At SolidWorks World 2003, everyone in the general session audience got to throw foam airplanes on the stage.  (Pretty cool site seeing close to a thousand of them bombarding the stage).  Since this was my first SolidWorks World, the “WOW” factor really kicked in.  I remember the first time I walked into the Partner Pavilion that year. Just about every major solution partner product I had ever read about had a booth there.  It was truly INFORMATION OVERLOAD….in a good way!  I also got to see one of Ed Eaton’s presentations for the first time.  I’ve learned quite a few tricks from his sessions both times I’ve attended!

At SolidWorks World 2004, I was working as an AE for a SolidWorks Reseller, so I got a chance to attend some reseller events as well as user events.  Like it or not….Boston in January will make you think of COLD immediately.  With that aside, it was an excellent conference.  I spent a lot of time in the Partner Pavilion at this one and met some great people.  My favorite experience at this conference was getting to hang out with some of our reseller customers.  I had talked to many of them on the phone several times, but had never met them in person.

As far as SolidWorks World 2007 goes….I am more excited than ever to be attending.  I’ve missed the last two conferences, so I’ve got some making up to do!  I think the part I am looking forward to the most about this year’s conference has to do with the SolidWorks Community itself.  Over the last two years I have been fortunate enough to meet many new people in the community via e-mail, forums, & blogs.  I’ll be meeting many of them in person for the first time next February.  I’ll also be attending the SWUGN Summit for the first time this year!  It should be 4 days of non-stop fun!  The technical sessions look stronger than ever and who wouldn’t look forward to hearing The Woz speak in person!

OK…I’ve shared some of mine…now let’s hear some of yours!

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