Countdown to SolidWorks World Podcasts

December 1, 2006 No Comments »

SolidWorks World 2007 is coming up fast!  As we get closer to February 3rd, you’ll hear more and more about it.  SolidWorks has begun a Countdown to SolidWorks World Podcast Series that features many of the presenters and SolidWorks employees.  I will be presenting at SolidWorks World next year in a breakout session for the first time.  To hear my podcast which talks about the presentation I’ll be giving and many other podcasts from SolidWorks World regulars, check out the link in this post.

When I get questions about SolidWorks World, the breakout sessions are the first thing I point to.  There isn’t any other event where you can get 9 separate “training” sessions of your choice in 3 days!  I’ve picked up a wealth of knowledge in these sessions over the years.  If you haven’t started working on your trip to New Orleans, START TODAY!

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