SolidWorks files shown in Windows Vista Demo

July 17, 2006 5 Comments »
SolidWorks files shown in Windows Vista Demo

I was doing some surfing this weekend and thought I would checkout some of the details of Vista1Microsoft’s next Operating System, Windows Vista.  I started with a Google search and quickly found  the link to Microsoft’s main Vista webpage.  I saw a link for a “See the Possibilities” demo and decided to check it out.  There are many demos on the page that you can view depending on your area of interest.  One particular heading that caught my eye was simply titled “Right Hemisphere”.  (Right Hemisphere is the company behind Adobe Acrobat’s 3D content that can be embedded into PDF files.)

After clicking on the link, a video was shown that demonstrates a built in 3D viewer in Windows Vista2Vista that allows any Windows user to view and interact with 3D models without the need of loading a viewing program.  What kind of part did they open?  You guessed it, a SolidWorks Assembly!  The impressive thing was that it APPEARED to load very quickly and the parts in the Assembly could be moved about the screen.  (Of course with a demo like that, it’s going to appear to be fast.) Nonetheless, it is interesting to see how 3D models are becoming more mainstream with every passing day.

If you want to take a look at the demo, Click Here.

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