SolidWorks 2007 Pre-Release 1 is available!

June 28, 2006 No Comments »

It’s official!  We have now hit the Pre-Release stage of SolidWorks 2007.  Unless things have changed, it should be available for download to all subscription customers.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out SolidWorks 2007, you can now download the What’s New guide prior to downloading and installing the software.  You can find it under the “Review the Documentation” section on the customer portal main page.  Once you get to the Administrative Guides page, make sure you select 2007 at the version pull-down menu.

There are some very nice enhancements in this version.  Two of my personal favorites are added functionality in splines and surfacing (see Boundary Surface post).  PhotoWorks has some really nice enhancements as well.  Stay tuned as I will be posting details on some of the new features in the coming weeks!

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