Live Blogging: Discovery Channel Time Warp, MythBusters, & Prototype This!

October 15, 2008 13 Comments »
Live Blogging: Discovery Channel Time Warp, MythBusters, & Prototype This!

7:37pm – I’m a little behind…thank goodness for DVR!

7:39pm – Into the second episode of Time Warp now – Watching the “Will it Blend guy”

7:40pm – They just blended an iPhone….that was painful to watch….but the marbles are cool!

7:41pm – About to blend lighters! ….Oh yea….BIG Flame!!!  But the Blender didn’t melt!!

7:45pm – Talk about hazardous occupations – Juggling Chainsaws??  What??????

7:46pm – Juggling looks sooooo easy in slow motion!

7:47pm – The guy NEVER moves his eyes while juggling….interesting!

7:48pm – The DVR has caught up…and I’m finally live now!

7:49pm – Juggling 10 pound chainsaws….they “Say don’t try this at home”.  Umm….YEA

7:53pm – I’m not really being persuaded by all the Max Payne commercials.  Not sure why…just don’t really want to see the movie…at least not at the theatre.

7:56pm – Exploding beer bottles….I’m getting thristy!

7:59pm – REALLY like Time Warp.  Great series!  Mental note:  Start checking e-bay for high speed cameras!

8:00pm – MythBusters has begun!!!

8:01pm – More Ninja myths….could be interesting!

8:04pm – Jaimie missed!! (Bow & Arrow practice)

8:05pm – Arrow traveling at 179 mph!  That’s all for arrows!  The fans claimed the speed of the arrow was different further away.  The speed difference was minimal.

8:06pm – Whoa…  A British Ninja?  Anthony Kelly

8:07pm – WOW!  The dude just caught 22 consecutive tennis balls travelling at 85 mph!  I new world record!

8:11pm – Just saw a commercial for the new season of Stormchasers.  The premiere is this Sunday!!  You don’t want to miss it!

8:12pm – LOL! Adam is going to try and catch the 85mph tennis ball..  LOL!!!!  Props to him for trying it!

8:13pm – Tory, Grant, and Kari are up now…going to test underwater blow darts!

8:15pm – LOL!  Tory rubbing animal fat on…then putting on wetsuit…then into a tank of cold water.  The animal fat is supposed to protect against hypothermia…tank is 66 degrees

8:16pm – Tory has been in for 45 minutes… he is out!  Props to him for staying in that long!

8:21pm – The British Ninja is going to try to catch and arrow fired 26 feet away traveling 120mph

8:22pm – He missed the first several – then caught one!  WOW!

8:24pm – Tory, Grant, and Kari – building bamboo blow guns!  Except Kari who slipped in a metal sleeve inside hers without the guys knowing!  🙂

8:27pm – I wonder if Adam got his Segway for FREE in exchange for riding it all the time on the show?

8:32pm – Still thirsty…will have to wait till next commercial break!  🙂

8:37pm – Now the Ninja is trying to catch and arrow in full battle situation.  Missed several…only caught one!

8:46pm – Jaimie is punching Adam (in protective gear) 300 plus pounds of force from Jaimie at full swing…the ninja from 3 inches away reached 210 pounds of force!  WOW!

8:55pm – Blow darts from under water had some success…myth is plausible!

8:57pm – Ninja’s revenge – Ninja runs at Adam…can he fire and reload before Ninja gets there…. (20 paces away)

8:58pm – Nope…Ninja got there before Adam can reload…he’s done! LOL!

9:00pm – Prototype This! is ON!

9:01pm – Road Rage…That never happens does it?

9:02pm – Car that will slow down when you get mad??  Coooool!

9:04pm – Mind controlling a video game…is it for real??

9:07pm – Interesting….destroying a car to find a weak spot.  Will use a demolition derby to test driver emotions to help detect road rage.  Car to be remote controlled and drivers will be in virtual cockpit driving them….how are they gonna pull this off in 10 days?

9:11pm – Testing car control software/hardware using and R/C car.  Driving the R/C car using a video game steering wheel set.  Interesting….as a former professional R/C racer it seems to me it would be harder to drive an R/C car that way…

9:19pm – Measuring heart rate, breath rate, and the amount you sweat to get bio feedback to determine road rage.

9:21pm – Having a “Chill Zone” on the side of the road for road rage drivers to get mandantorily parked sounds good to me!

9:24pm – Servos on the steering, brakes, accelerator, and a kill switch integrated into the demolition derby cars!  It worked!  That’s a mighty big R/C car!

9:33pm – Hooked into the mind control software so that when an object moved in the software….power is applied to an actuator that bent a spoon!  It worked….Zoz had to concentrate though!

9:38pm – They are having to write some serious software for this to work.  Did they really do all this in 10 days?

9:43pm – Wow!  They just used mind control to put the car in drive!  Once the driver gets aggravated the sensors in the the mind control headset trigger and the car is put back into neutral!

9:55pm – Let the demolition derby begin.  3 out of the 4 cars are working.

9:59pm – The roadrage car worked!  When the drivers got aggrivated…their cars stopped!  They had to hold concentration or they were dead in the water.  The interesting thing about the mind control software is that it is tough to actually prove that it is working as advertised.  This isn’t the first time I have heard of this technology so I’ll buy in!  Pretty cool.  I’m not sure if we will see something like this or not….but it sure was an interesting prototype!  Looking forwrd to next week!

10:00pm….I’m out!  Have a great night folks!

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