SolidWorks Tip: Single Sketch Driving Design

March 5, 2007 27 Comments »
SolidWorks Tip:  Single Sketch Driving Design

Rocket Over the past few years I’ve seen questions raised on several internet newsgroups on how to drive designs from a single sketch.  This can be done in several different ways with SolidWorks and today I thought I would share one such method.  Multi-bodies are a powerful function inside of SolidWorks and can be used to create several components within a single part file.  The user has the option to export these bodies to an assembly file if so desired.

Click here to see a video highlighting these features.

A few notes about the video:  The collection of parts is simple in nature and is used to demonstrate the point.  In order to shorten the video, I did not take the time to name the assembly components at the Save Bodies feature creation step.

Stay tuned…more to come!

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